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Dr. Raquel Hicks NucleusHealth - IT Director

Victor Bonini is a top-rate, world-class Information Technology Engineer, Systems Administrator, and Implementations Engineer. He is forward thinking and always looking for ways to improve efficiency and processes in order to get the highest levels of productivity and quality possible. He is able to train and mentor junior engineers so that they too can excel in their careers and grow as well as assist customers with their concerns and issues. He has a way of communicating with customers and internal staff alike that places everyone at ease and assures confidence that he is the right person for the job. He is highly skilled in all aspects of information technology and as a former manager of his I have no hesitation in recommending him for any organization, he is truly an outstanding, dedicated and caring information technology engineer.

NucleusHealth - IT Director
Michael Pintozzi NucleusHealth - IT Engineer

I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Victor. Now some say that but I mean it to the core of my being. He is a wonderful person. I know this seems out of context with a recommendation for technical skills … Yeah, I know. His technical expertise you can read in all the recommendations and I echo each of these. He was a great mentor and tireless trainer. His knowledge of HL7 is second to none as is his SQL and Dicom traffic knowledge. I keep coming back to Victor as a person. Working in healthcare you deal with issues that can have a real effect on our clients and hospitals Patients. Victor was a tireless and compassionate team member. I can’t recommend this individual enough to any team in need of an outstanding individual.

NucleusHealth - IT Engineer
Melissa Mogelinski NucleusHealth - Client Implementation Specialist

I have the pleasure of working with Victor as my technical resource for on-boarding new clients at NucleusHealth. Victor’s genuine care for client success and team morale is unlike anyone I’ve worked with. Victor has also become the main “go-to” for product and process knowledge among his team. I appreciate his willingness to share that knowledge with members of any team without blinking an eye. Anyone lucky enough to work with Victor will quickly realize he is an exceptional team member.

NucleusHealth - Client Implementation Specialist
Mic Helms NucleusHealth - IT Director

Victor is an amazing technologist and human being. His ability to sort out complex issues in short order always amazed me as his supervisor. He has an uncanny knack of being incredibly humble while using his plethora of skills to better the people around him. Lauding praise on Victor is met with humility and quiet acceptance, a welcome change in this world of hubris. I thoroughly enjoyed having Victor on my team as a reliable and knowledgeable strong man, able to accomplish everything set before him.

NucleusHealth - IT Director